Karen Sherwood’s courses at the annual Washington Outdoor Women workshops have been among the most popular since she began tea

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Dear Friends:


When the Washington Outdoor Women program was formed in 1997, we asked Karen Sherwood to join our team of instructors. Her inaugural classes in 1998 were a natural for WOW, which teaches outdoor skills to women through hands-on workshops. With her first class, Wild Edibles and Wilderness Medicine, Karen established her value to WOW and quickly found a place in the participants’ hearts. Her gift for teaching is unsurpassed. Karen possesses an incredible amount of knowledge. You’ve heard there’s a reason for every living thing and we think Karen knows what all of those uses are! But she also knows just the right amount to impart without overwhelming. Karen’s style is so engaging that even while students are preparing Stinging Nettle Soup, Acorn Muffins or Dandelion Root Coffee in her Cooking With Wild Foods classes, they’re still learning about the beauty and abundance of the natural world.


Over the years, the WOW team and instructors have increasingly been impressed with Karen’s preparation and attention to detail, even for a half-day class. Anyone who invites Karen to teach can rest assured her presentation will be flawless. She will have thought of everything. She will arrive early, come prepared with supplies and hand-outs, know exactly how to gauge the time for each item on her syllabus, and leave students wanting to know more. We’ve seen it happen year after year.


WOW participants consistently rate Karen’s classes as excellent. Students in her Herbal First Aid class highlight the products they make in the classes—healing salves for bruises, scrapes, and other trail-side injuries. Those who take her Wild Edibles and Wilderness Medicine class usually rave about the walk through the forest where they learn to identify local medicinal plants and integrate wild foods into everyday meals. In Karen’s newest class, Cordage Making and Cedar Bark Weaving, students will learn to make rope—and individual lanyards—by using local plants. A highlight of this class probably will be the needle pouch they weave from cedar bark.


We speak for the entire WOW team and our sponsor, the Washington Wildlife Federation, when we say it is an absolute pleasure working with Karen. We could sing her praises for many more pages, but we’ll let some of the WOW participants do it for us:


“Karen did a fantastic job of detailing plants and their applications used for First Aid. More than I hoped for!”  Herbal First Aid


“Excellent instructor! Besides great fun, Karen sent us home with valuable material and very helpful references. Outstanding class!”  Wild Edibles and Wilderness Medicine


“Instructor knowledge and preparation were above and beyond what I expected. Very well done! I look forward to taking more classes from Karen.”   Cooking With Wild Foods




Kate van Gelder,WOW Program Co-founder

Ronni McGlenn, WOW Program Co-founder and current Program Director


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