wild edible plants and food foraging

Learn how to confidently and safely identify, gather, and prepare wild edible meals.

You will become acquainted with the wild edible plants that thrive around us while exploring field and forest, learning identification and ethical harvesting methods.

Guided by Northwest ethnobotanist Karen Sherwood, you explore "survival" and "gourmet" cuisine using wild plants. With other class members, learn how to prepare acorns into flour and make a batch of tasty acorn muffins.  You receive many new recipes to impress your next dinner guest with the wonderful taste and bountiful nutrition that wild foods provide us. To round out the program, traditional uses of native plants are covered, as well as poisonous look-alike plants.

A highlight of this course is our Saturday evening meal cooked in a traditional steam pit. Students often retake this course at a different time of year or location to expand their knowledge of plant uses.

The plant world is a banquet waiting to be discovered. Come join us as we partake in this great feast!


Location:  Shelton, WA

Length:  3 days

Cost: $365