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Dear Friends,

After working at the Tracker School for over 15 years, my head instructors, Frank and Karen Sherwood, have decided to move back to Washington State and begin teaching their own classes throughout the United States and Canada. Part of me hurts to see them go, for it is like losing a part of myself and my school, yet, I know that they must now strike out and follow their Visions.

Trying to write a letter of recommendation for Frank and Karen is much like trying to write a letter of recommendation for Grandfather, Stalking Wolf. I just do not feel that I am worthy enough to write that kind of letter. Through the many years of struggle at the Tracker School, Frank and Karen have been more than just head instructors, much more. They are my family, my brother, my sister, confidants, partners, and most of all, my dearest friends.

I feel that Frank and Karen’s classes are a tremendous compliment to the Tracker Classes. They fill a huge need and in my experience, they are the best out there. I cannot recommend these classes enough to my students. Karen’s Herbal Studies Classes, Frank’s Tanning Classes, and their Primitive Arts Classes, impress me, and as you all know, very little impresses me.

Most of all, Frank and Karen are very much like me, in that they teach from experience, not from theory. When they were not teaching at the Tracker School, they were working on their skills, living their skills, and thus brought those skills to a level of excellence I rarely see. Even though they have physically left the Tracker School, they are still a big part of the Vision, still an inspiration to my school. I will miss them, we all will miss them. Now, seek them out, take their classes, just as you sought Grandfather, and you too will be amazed and inspired.

All Good Medicine,