skills of the hunter

The core of this class is a study in both physical hunting skills as well as the spiritual.  Richard Nelson's understanding of our connectedness to the animals is portrayed clearly as he writes "It is not through our power that we take life in nature; it is through the power of nature that life is given to us".

 In this class we examine how the mood, philosophy, and skills of the hunter can determine the outcome of the hunt and how the mastery of these skills set us on the pathway to honor the spirit of the animals. This class is multifaceted, including preparation for the hunt, both physical and spiritual; an examination of a variety of hunting weapons; and the care and proper handling of the game after returning from the hunt.

 This course is designed with the beginner in mind and is applicable to a variety of hunting weapons.  Our goal is to pass on an understanding of the ethics, mind set, and the relationship to the earth that a true hunter possesses to be able to honor the spirit of the animal.

The skills listed below are the foundation of the curriculum:

·         Hunting ethics and medicine pouches

·         De-scenting, stalking and camouflage

·         Sign tracking and trailing

·         Wind studies

·         Ground blinds

·         Skinning, cleaning and proper game handling

·         Hunting weapons