Recommended Programs

Dan Stueber – Thunderstones
Tracker School
Northwest Basketry Guild
Washington Outdoor Women
Hawk Circle and the Earth Mentoring Institute
Bois d’Arc Press – Bowmaking with Jim Hamm
Dandelion Botanical Company
Earth Heart
Nature Vision
Practical Earth
The Children of the Earth Foundation
Earth Voices
Wilderness Fusion

Other Related Sites

Gratiot Basketry
Steve Brill
The Weaving Works
Writer by Nature
Dunbar Gardens
Earthways Nature

Recommended Books

Survival Skills
Tom Brown’s Field Guide to Wilderness Survival; Tom Brown Jr.; Berkley Books, New York.
Survival Skills of Native California; Paul D. Campbell.
Primitive Technology; A Book of Earth Skills, Society of Primitive Technology. Gibbs, Smith Publisher, Salt Lake City, UT.
Deerskins into Buckskins; Matt Richards.
Traditional Bowyer’s Bible; Vol.I; Jim Hamm.
Traditional Bowyer’s Bible; Vol.II; Jim Hamm.
Traditional Bowyer’s Bible; Vol.III; Jim Hamm.
The People of the Deer; Farley Mowat.
Cedar; Hillary Stewart.
Indian Fishing; Hillary Stewart.
Stone, Bone, Antler, and Shell; Hillary Stewart.
The People of Cascadia; Heidi Bohan.

Discovering Wild Plants; Janice Schofield; Alaska Northwest Books, Bothell, Washington.
Plants of the Pacific Northwest Coast; Pojar and Mackinnon; Lone Pine Publishing, Redmond, Washington.
Food Plants of the Coastal First Peoples; Nancy Turner, UBC Press.
Food Plants of the Interior First Peoples; Nancy Turner, UBC Press.
Sea Vegetables: Harvesting Guide and Cookbook; McConnaughey, E. Naturgraph Publishers, Happy Camp, CA, 1985.
Medicinal Plants of the Mountain West; Moore.
Nch’I-Wana, The Big River; Hunn.
Pine Needle Basketry; Judy Mofield Mallow.