Earthwalk Northwest Wild Foods Dinners

Join us as we celebrate the wild foods that thrive around us. Wild food connoisseurs Karen and Frank Sherwood are available to host a wild and whole foods feast served at their home near Bellevue, WA. Each meal reflects the traditional wild foods gathered and prepared by indigenous peoples from this region. With each season, we will emphasize the bounty that the Earth provides. Seating for these Wild Foods Dinners is limited, from six to twelve guests, and we encourage you to contact Karen if you are interested in arranging one of these special events for your group.

Sample Dishes

While each menu is varied, depending on the season, here are just a few examples of the dishes that grace our table:

  • stinging nettle soup
  • acorn muffins with elderberry jelly
  • dock seed crackers
  • burdock beer
  • cattail pollen crepes
  • smoked salmon with chickweed pesto
  • bear roast with juniper berry gravy
  • razor clam patties
  • roasted camas bulbs
  • cattail shoot salad