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This program is not being offered for the 2016-2017 school year.


Class is held Monday and Tuesday, 9 am to 3 pm, totaling 12 hours per week. Optional field trips may extend a class day or take place in the evening. There are also two weekend, overnight classes during the year. Included in the program are several open enrollment classes, from one weekend class in the classroom to week-long classes at a remote, wilderness site.

Students are expected to work outside of class on certain projects, but the amount of time spent can vary. Although it can be as little as 1 hour per week, some students choose to spend significantly more time.


Classroom time is a mixture of instruction and guided hands-on experience. Class time may include workshop time indoors, guided plant identification and foraging walks, or even a triip to the woodworking store.


Class time is at the Earthwalk Northwest classroom in Bellevue, WA, about twenty minutes east of Seattle. Trips into the field are held throughout the year to nearby wild places, as well as lower Puget Sound, the Pacific Coast, and Eastern Washington.


Tuition is $7,800 and includes 9 months of class instruction, class materials, and field trips. It also includes the additional classes of Backyard Blacksmithing and Knife Making, Wilderness Survival Trek, and Wild Edible Plants.

Please see Frequently Asked Questions for additional information.