Program Specifics

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The schedule for the program is a series of field outings and occasional classroom seminars. The Path of the Hunter program typically begins in September and ends in April.

Requirements & Eligibility for the Program

Participants must purchase valid hunting licenses and necessary tags required for legal hunting in Washington. Participants will also be required to have completed a certified hunter’s safety education course. If you have any questions about these requirements, please contact us above.


Tuition for the Path of The Hunter Program is $4,200 for the entire year. This includes in-depth classroom instruction, monthly hunting trips for various game, including big game, small game, upland game birds, waterfowl, and wild turkey, as well as coastal outings for surf fishing, clam digging, and oysters. Due to the nature of this program, Room and Board are not applicable. At this time we are unable to offer any financial assistance, although we hope to in the future. Several flexible payment options are available.

Program Structure

The bulk of the program will be taking place during monthly hunting trips. These trips generally take place over Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, although a longer trip will be occurring for the big game hunt. The special classroom seminars will be 2-day events held on Saturdays and Sundays. When in the field, the class will be camping in a variety of environments.


The Lead Instructor for this program is Frank Sherwood, former head instructor at the Tracker School for fifteen years. Additional Specialists in Fishing and Firearms make appearances during the year.

Class Size

This Program is designed to be very small, allowing for the personal mentoring and hands-on experience that the subject matter demands. Class size is limited to 8 students each year.


While the headquarters of this program is the Earthwalk Northwest classroom, located in Issaquah, WA, the majority of the time will be spent camping in the field at various hunting locales in Eastern and Western Washington. Hunting locations will be disclosed to students only upon completed enrollment.

Visiting Class

Prospective students are always welcome to visit the classroom. Please call us ahead of time so that we can schedule your visit.

Applying to the Program

Download, print, and fill out this General Earthwalk Northwest application, and mail it with a letter explaining your interest in the Path of the Hunter Program, along with your $500 deposit.