Earthwalk Northwest has developed a variety of programs to meet the diverse interests and needs of its students. Programs are designed with students’ schedules in mind, so we offer a variety of class lengths- from a day, a weekend, or a week, to two days a week for an entire school year. Our programs cover a broad range of earth skills- from survival to primitive hunting and fishing, from basketry to herbalism. Although most of these skills are from ancient times, we emphasize how to bring them into your everyday modern life. In our day classes and overnight courses, students can focus on a specific skill or set of skills. Check the Calendar for course dates. Our Primitive Living Skills Apprenticeship and Plant Apprenticeship & Ethnobotanical Studies programs offers students the opportunity to practice and experience an entire year of hunter-gatherer-caretaker skills and view them from a holistic perspective. We can also create custom courses, tailored to an organization’s needs. Our popular Wild Foods dinners are a unique way to celebrate the bounty of the earth, while dining on fabulous wild foods prepared for you and your guests.

We invite you to explore our programs and contact us if you would like any further information.