Hunting and Fishing When It Counts

Hunting and Fishing When It Counts is a week-long course about taking game in emergency situations, both long- and short-term. The course focuses on hands-on skill development in class, with extensive take-home materials and supplies to enable students to continue work on their own.

While tailored for the beginner, the course is not intended to take the place of more traditional hunting instruction, but rather to act as a supplementary curriculum, expanding the students' knowledge and skillset. The course also offers a format for students coming from a book and lecture background to gain physical experience working with theoretical skills they may have already been exposed to.

Legalities of hunting and fishing in a survival situation are addressed, alongside current laws for fish and game. In addition, the ethics and ecological history of game conservation will be a focus. Specialty, international instructors add depth and knowledge to this program.

This class will take an inexperienced hunter and give her/him the hands on experience and information to set them on the path to successfully procure fish and game. Students with some experience will find much to use to build upon their current skill level and become more adept at hunting and fishing. This course is very hands on, going in depth into both primitive and modern tools used to hunt, trap and fish as they apply to short- and long-term survival situations. Students will learn everything they need to know from how to find game to cleaning and cooking it.

Specific areas of focus include camouflage, stalking, animal behavior, and primitive tools such as sling, atl atl, bola, spear, bow and arrow, set lines, weirs, fish traps, hooks, nets, animal traps and snares. Modern firearms and modern fishing including set lines, spears and traps are also a focus, enabling students to immediately practice their new skills within the guidelines of current fish and game laws.


Length:  6 days

Location:  Shelton, WA

Cost:  $645