flat twined bag

Native people of the Plateau region wove beautiful twined bags using plant materials they gathered from their surroundings.  These flat twined bags were used for storing dried foods and other valuables, and later were used as wallets or handbags.

In this class we weave a flat twined bag of our own, learning the techniques used for centuries.  Students create a bag measuring about 9” x 11” in two classroom sessions spaced two weeks apart.  The time in between classes will allow weavers to twine the mid-section of their bags and return to the last session to complete the rim.

Students learn twining, reverse twining, full-turn twining and a false braided rim.  False embroidery with dyed corn husk is also taught so weavers can add color and pattern to their creations.


Length:  2 non-consecutive days

Location:  Issaquah, WA

Cost:  $145, includes all class materials