Plaited Cedar Gathering Basket

The cedar tree, with its abundant gifts, is considered sacred by many native peoples. For centuries it has been used for basketry, woven clothing, planked longhouses, dugout canoes, and much more. Join us to weave your own cedar bark basket while being guided by Northwest weaver Karen Sherwood. In this course, students will create a strong and functional harvesting basket using traditional materials of cedar, coastal sweetgrass, and beargrass. Twill work and checkerweave techniques will be taught along with several twining styles. Decorative banding can be added with an overlay of beargrass. Finish your creation with a beautiful yet strong diagonal folded rim. Your completed basket should measure about 10x10 inches and stand about 5 inches tall. Details on ethical materials harvest and preparation will be presented in this informative hands-on course. This is a unique opportunity to learn traditional weaving techniques while working with the sacred cedar. We hope you will join us.

Date: not currently offered
Location: Issaquah, WA
Length: n/a
Cost: $365

(includes all class materials) NOTE: This is not an overnight course, meals and accommodations are not provided.

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