Cedar & Sweetgrass Button Basket

Basketry is a functional art form that dates back to ancient times. Join us while we explore weaving techniques of the Northwest Coast First Peoples. Using cedar and coastal sweetgrass, we will create a beautiful twined basket. A variety of weaving techniques will be taught including twilled plaiting, strait twining, reverse twining and, three strand twining. These twining techniques will be used to create subtle patterns and accents in your basket. A row of shell buttons will lend a northwest flavor to your weaving, reminiscent of the traditional button blankets created in this area. To finish your basket, a diagonal folded rim will add strength and beauty. Your completed basket will measure about 2x4x3 inches high and be rectangular in shape. During the class, materials harvest and preparation will also be addressed enabling you to make additional baskets on your own.

Date: not currently offered
Location: Issaquah, WA
Length: 1 day
Cost: $85

(includes all class materials)

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