Bark Harvesting & Folded Bark Basket

The northwest coast peoples knew of the wonderful gift of the cedar and utilized her bark for clothing, baskets, rope, and much more. Today we continue with this tradition, following the pathways of long ago, while learning one of the easiest and most useful baskets- the folded bark basket. Join us to learn how to respectfully harvest cedar bark while being guided through the steps of peeling and preparing it for your own basket. Then learn the “secrets of the fold” while you create your own folded bark basket. Split cedar roots, which you harvest and prepare in the course, will create strong and beautiful seams. While you sew, Karen will reflect upon the importance of cedar in northwest coast culture. As time permits, you may twine a carrying strap to add to your newly made creation. Small amounts of cedar may be brought home to create additional projects.

Date: not currently offered
Location: Issaquah, WA
Length: 1 day
Cost: $75

(includes all class materials, delicious meals and on-site tenting)

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