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Courses by Subject and Length

Primitive Hunting & Fishing

Arrow Making - Day Class
Traditional Tanning - Consecutive Day Classes
Bow Making - Overnight Course
Nature Awareness & Tracking - Overnight Course
Primitive Fishing - Overnight Course
Path of The Hunter - Annual Program

Survival Skills

Fire by Friction - Day Class
Flintknapping - Day Class
Stone Bowls & Tools - Day Class
Backyard Blacksmithing - Overnight Course
Primitive Cooking - Overnight Course
Survival Techniques - Overnight Course
Survival Trek - Overnight Course
Earthwalk Gathering - Overnight Event!
Primitive Living Skills - Annual Program

Basketry & Embroidery

Birch Bark Container - Day Class
Cedar Covered Canteen - Day Class
Cedar Mat Weaving - Day Class
Cedar & Sweetgrass Button Basket - Day Class
Lummi Style Berry Basket - Day Class
Pine Needle Basketry - Day Class
Pine Needle Bracelet - Day Class
Pine Needle on Gourd Basketry - Day Class
Plaited Cedar Toolkit - Day Class
Porcupine Quill Embroidery - Day Class
Tule Bowl Making - Day Class
Tule Mat Making - Day Class
Salla Bag - Two Separate Day Classes
Plaited Cedar Gathering Basket - Two Consecutive Day Classes
Cedar Bark Harvest & Folded Basket Making - Overnight Course
Ornaments and Earrings - Day Class
Woven Birch Bark Box - Day Class
Pine Needle Coiling - Day Class
Cedar Quiver - Day Class

Botanical Studies

Cooking with Seaweeds - Day Class
Dandelion Wine - Day Class
Elderberry Wine - Day Class
Herbal Creams & Lotions - Day Class
Herbal Salves & Lip Balms - Day Class
Herbal Soap Making - Day Class
Wild Edible Plants of the Cascades - Day Class
Seaweeds & Coastal Foraging - Overnight Course
Wild Edible Plants - Overnight Course
Ethnobotany Apprenticeship - Annual Program