Twined Salla Bag Feb 2nd and 23rd


Twined Salla Bag Feb 2nd and 23rd


Come learn a method of beautiful soft-twined bags!

Length: 9am-4pm

Location: Issaquah, WA

NOTE: This course occurs over two Saturdays, with homework in-between.


Salla bags are soft-sided bags, woven with a unique full-turn twining method long practiced by Native Americans of the mid-Columbia River region. The bags were traditionally used for gathering roots, acorns and medicines. In this class, we continue exploring the techniques of full-turn twining as we create salla bags of our own.

Beautiful patterns emerge as students weave the sides of their bags with alternating colors of wool yarn.  Students also prepare and use dogbane as one of their finishing rows.  A false braided rim completes the basket.  Finished bags measure about 5 x 7 inches and are completed in two classroom sessions held several weeks apart.

Note: Anyone wishing to repeat this class will be given an opportunity to create a new pattern called Spotted Fawn.

Course is two non-consecutive days.