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Intro to Ethical Hunting

Hunting of long ago was a sacred art passed down from generation to generation. Along with the skills learned from early childhood came the essential understandings of respect for all life.  At Earthwalk Northwest, we recognize that, more and more, people do not have the opportunity to learn from their elders. Because of this, we have felt a need to offer a program emphasizing these traditions.

This is a unique course emphasizing a balance of hands-on learning supported by informative discussions on firearm safety, ethics, and respect. A thorough understanding of hunting is taught beginning with Washington state hunting regulations, followed with pre-hunt preparations and gear essentials.  Scouting, camouflage, animal calling and decoys use round out the program. This class is geared for the person who is considering hunting and is looking for some solid foundation skills to begin their path to hunting. This course is intended to expand upon, yet not take the place of, the Washington State Hunter’s education requirements.

Washington state native, Frank Sherwood teaches this informative program. He has developed and taught in depth hunting programs including The Path of The Hunter. Frank also holds certificates in Washington State Hunter’s Education, Washington State Master Hunter, Advanced Bow Hunter Education, and Eyes in the Woods


Length: 9am-4pm

Location: Issaquah, WA

Cost: $165

Date: Saturday & Sunday, March 9 & 10

Earlier Event: March 2
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Later Event: March 16
Turkey Hunting Seminar