bow making

Build your own wooden self-bow working from stave to shooting bow!  Master bowyer Frank Sherwood leads you through the process in this comprehensive, hands-on course.  You start with wood selection and stave seasoning, continue to bow design and layout, and finish with the final tillering and burnishing. Bow string making, string silencer arrow nocks and leather handle complete the package.

Frank will also show his collection of traditional arrows and Northwest style quivers to give you some great ideas to create your own. This is an in-depth, hands-on course. Come prepared for rewarding work, hearty meals, and great company.

A new aspect to this popular program is the opportunity for a parent to create a bow paired with their son or daughter. Together the team will build one bow while learning the intricacies of this ancient craft. Suggested age range is from a mature 12 to 17 years of age. We hope you can join us for this unique opportunity.


Length:  5 days

Location:  Shelton, WA

Cost:  Adult $600; with teen, $700