Wish List

We often receive questions from friends, students, and others who want to know how they can support our programs. One great way to support us is by donating resources. We strive to keep our costs low in order to make our programs accessible to more people, and one way we do this is through receiving donated resources. We are usually in need for the following items to help support, improve, and expand the programs we offer:

  • turkey feathers
  • sinew
  • antler
  • deer hides
  • camas bulbs
  • saskatoon shrubs
  • blue elder shrubs
  • native crabapple
  • other live plants native to the Pacific Northwest
  • cedar bark
  • trees or bark suitable for harvesting
  • beeswax

If you would like to donate something or have information about an item, please contact us. Although we are working towards non-profit status, we don’t yet have it, and therefore donations are not tax-deductible.