Student Testimonials

“Frank and Karen are enormously generous teachers, both with their time and with their energy. They hold no pretensions and are always willing to help and answer the myriad questions that come up in learning something new and exciting. Maybe more importantly, Frank and Karen carry between them over sixty years of teaching primitive skills. From those lifetimes of knowledge and skill, they have been able to develop in their students a remarkable confidence in learning to live with the Earth.”

Primitive Living Skills ’09-’10


“Karen and Frank are truly masterful teachers. It is an honor and privilege to have been able to learn with and from them. Their program is an absolutely unique experience that not only imparts knowledge and skill, but also cultivates heartfelt integrity. If you are looking for an experience that will introduce you to some ways of living that can help you to embody a more sustainable and reciprocal relationship with this particular part of the world, which is at once challenging, supportive, respectful, and compelling, then look no further.”

Primitive Living Skills ’09-’10


“The first program I took at Earthwalk was titled “Primitive Living Skills”. When I thought of the skills needed to survive and actually thrive in a primitive or natural setting, I imagined making tools of stone, wood, leather, and bone, starting cook fires by hand, foraging my meals, improvising shelters and honing heightened senses. And all those things I learned. But what I also learned were the more subtle and necessary depths of primitive living skills, which I didn’t realize I was learning at first.
Now, looking back, I can see that the subtle lessons on accountability, cooperation, respect, responsibility, humility, open-mindedness, hard work, self-determination, attitude, and relationship were every bit as important as the more material life skills, and they truly are lessons not often taught or learned in the modern world. At all those levels of learning, Earthwalk is an environment where students really and truly get back what they put in. The harder you work, the more Frank and Karen will share, and the results can be amazing.”

Primitive Living Skills ’08-’09


“I started Earthwalk Northwest as a novice in Primitive skills. During the training, I was taught the foundation of the skills, which grew throughout the program into an ethical understanding of the balanced aspects of the Hunter/Gatherer. I now walk lighter with more awareness and love for the natural world and have confidence in myself, my skills, and know that Nature will provide what I need.”

Primitive Living Skills ’05-’06


“Frank and Karen are the Best! I was hoping to find teachers to help me build upon the basic foundation I had in Primitive Skills. I found them and have learned much more than survival in the woods, I’ve learned how to make these skills come alive and use them in my day to day life.”

Primitive Living Skills ’05-’06


“The apprenticeship program offered by Frank and Karen Sherwood at Earthwalk Northwest was a fascinating experience, encompassing skills and teachings from which I am still extracting meaningful impressions. I have been engrossed with the study of ancient history for most of my life, and
the primitive techniques which Frank and Karen patiently explain and deftly demonstrate over the course of the apprenticeship have helped me bridge the gap between book-learning and actual, hands-on creation of the tools of our primitive ancestors. Whether I was flaking obsidian or reverse-wrapping dogbane into cordage suitable for a dip net, the panoply of skills and proficiencies
that Frank and Karen tender is amazingly broad. The only limit on learning at Earthwalk Northwest is in the time and energy the student puts into the experience”.

Primitive Living Skills ’04-’05


“There is no doubt that Frank and Karen have been two of the most important and influential people that I have known. Frank and Karen’s hands-on teaching style, executed with an incredible amount of knowledge and experience in all the subjects that they teach, give students an invaluable learning experience. Through the guidance of Frank and Karen, the Earthwalk Northwest Apprenticeship Program opened my eyes to a whole new world that I thought had long since been lost in the confusion and chaos of modern times, and it gave me the skills and confidence to live life more in-balance with the Earth, no matter where I am. The priceless, tried-and-true teaching that come with any of Earthwalk’s courses are valuable to anyone from any walk of life.”

Primitive Living Skills ’04-’05


“I have studied primitive living skills with a variety of different people. The philosophy and approach Frank and Karen have is unique and has been some of the most valuable teachings and experiences. The breadth and depth of their knowledge is rare to find.”

Primitive Living Skills ’03-’04


“Frank and Karen have really boiled down what’s important if you want to learn these skills, and it really cut the learning curve for me. They’ve been practicing the skills themselves for over twenty years, and have learned from the thousands of students they taught at the Tracker School, how to teach the skills most efficiently and effectively. It was really valuable for me to actually DO the skills, whether gathering and cooking wild edibles or making my own bow and actually hunting with it, while having an experienced mentor guiding me. I’m thankful that I was able to do the program, because it increased my confidence with the skills and my ability to teach myself, and I’ll have that
for the rest of my life.”

Primitive Living Skills ’03-’04


“This apprenticeship program has taught me so much. I feel so blessed to have had such passionate and knowledgeable teachers dedicated to passing down these ancient skills. I have been truly learning to see with new eyes.”

Primitive Living Skills ’03-’04