Our mission at Earthwalk Northwest is to guide participants in bridging the past with the present to benefit the future. We recognize that the work of mastering traditional skills is a vehicle for reconnecting people with the earth, enabling them to become effective caretakers. More and more, people do not have the opportunity to learn from their elders. We hope to help bridge the gap through programs that emphasize these traditions. We strongly believe that these skills are tools for living healthy, enjoyable lives in the present.

We have learned – and we teach – that the earth always provides for our needs. Our programs emphasize our connections to the earth and a respect and appreciation for her many gifts. This understanding offers a pathway for people to become more comfortable and confident in the wilderness through mastery of their own skills. It also provides the opportunity for tremendous personal growth.

Our programs provide in-depth instruction and practical application in a pleasant and supportive environment. With our students, we create an enjoyable learning experience for all involved. We stress quality in our programs and are committed to keeping our class sizes small to allow for skill mastery. In addition, fun, fellowship, and some great food help to create a unique and memorable experience!

Come join us as we discover together our own “earth walk” together! We hope that our small part in the journeys of many will create a world where the gifts of nature will be sustained for all our children and grandchildren to come.