Earthwalk Northwest offers programs focusing on earth awareness and ancestral living skills, including traditional bow making, fire by friction, wild edibles, and much more. Our unique courses provide in-depth, hands-on experience, allowing participants to deepen their understanding of traditional skills while learning how to wisely use and honor the many gifts the earth has to offer. Hear what our students have to say about us.

We are excited to announce that Earthwalk Northwest co-founder Frank Sherwood’s Hunting Journal has been published! The journal is a valuable tool that can help you hone your attention to detail, discover patterns, and improve your level of expertise. Find out more about the journal on our blog.

Karen was interviewed on the topic of local wild foods and prepared a wild foods dinner for a waterways quality and preservation organization, Puget Sound Starts Here. Check out the video to see Karen’s interview and which wild foods graced our table.

Ancestral Living Skills Apprenticeship

Take your skills to the next level in the Ancestral Living Skills Apprenticeship Program, offering a year of in-depth ancestral living skills study.

Ethnobotany Apprenticeship

Prepare to see the world around you through new eyes. Come explore and deepen your relationship with the world of plants in our Ethnobotany Apprenticeship Program.

Path of the Hunter Mentoring Program

Explore the traditional skills of the hunter, both past and present, with honor, respect, and ethics in the expanded Path of the Hunter Mentoring Program.